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I Will Test Your App On Multiple Devices


I have worked in a real device testing station.  

Each device has many web browsers installed. This gives me over 50 different combination of device + Internet browser to test from.

Get the confidence that your website offers a true cross-platform experience.

Find out if that complaint "some customer" made about his iPad is really a problem, or just a user error!

When you order, let me know what devices and browsers you want tested.



Review up to 5 Pages on 3 Different Devices

3 days Delivery 0 Revision

Review up to 10 Pages on 5 Different Devices

4 days Delivery 0 Revision

Review up to 15 Pages on 5 Different Devices

7 days Delivery 0 Revision
Gigs Five

Rickey William

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  • Mar 2019

QA Engineer | Software Tester Overall 6+ years of experience in Manual Testing and Automation testing of Web applications, Point of sale, E-commerce. Working Experience in Test Automation, Scripts Preparation and execution within the framework.