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I will professionally proofread and edit your document

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I am a professional editor, proofreader, and copywriter.


I will proofread and edit for:

  • Spelling

  • Grammar

  • Punctuation

  • Sentence structure

  • Wordiness

  • Redundancy

  • Vocabulary choice

Don't know which package to purchase?


  • Choose the basic package if your copy is solid and just needs a final polish.

  • Choose the standard package if your copy needs some minor rewrites to help with clarity and structure.

  • Choose the premium package if your copy is in its first draft and needs substantial rewrites and you'd like a critique of the content.

If your project contains more than 1,000 words, please choose the package that applies and multiply it times the number of words that need to be edited.

Please upload your document as a .doc or .docx file so I can use Track Changes to edit.

What you will receive:

  • Revisions made using Microsoft Word Track Changes.

  • You will receive two documents: one with the edits highlighted and one with the edits accepted and comments removed.

My service does not include writing, formatting, referencing, feedback, or plagiarism checks.

I do not accept:

  • PDFs, Google Docs, PowerPoints, or images.

  • Erotic, horror, paranormal, or graphic adult content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see a sample of your work?

Unfortunately, I'm not at liberty to share samples of the content I've edited for other authors, as I do not own the copyright (not to mention I respect confidentiality). That being said, I have many 5-star reviews from enthusiastic customers that attest to the value I provide.

How do I place an order?

Simply click on the link and select the number of gigs needed based on your word count. If you have a project longer than 20,000 words, please check with me for a custom quote.

What type of content do you work on?

I consider myself a generalist in the sense that I have worked on every type of content imaginable. Past projects include college essays, technical documents, legal documents, blog posts, biographies, political memos, short stories, marketing emails, brochures, kindle books, web content, etc.

Do you write original content for clients?

Since you're in the best position to write the rough draft on your topic, my role is to significantly enhance and rewrite your content, add clear descriptors, expand on information whenever possible, and point out gaps and how to fill them.

Do you edit books?

Yes, I do. Copy editing and line editing are my strongest areas in book editing.

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General Info

  • December 2020
  • English

I will proofread 1,000 words (spelling and punctuation). No rewrites. + 24 HOUR DELIVERY

1 days Delivery 1 Revision

I will copy edit 2,000 words (quick proofreading + clarity, consistency). Minor rewrites.

1 days Delivery 1 Revision

I will proofread 1,000 words (spelling and punctuation). No rewrites. + 24 HOUR DELIVERY

1 days Delivery 1 Revision

I will edit and critique 4,000 words (deep editing + critique). Substantial rewrites.

2 days Delivery 3 Revision