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Tyron Arias

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  • Oct 2022
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About myself

Hello! I am Tyron. I am a lover of creativity and I love helping other people to enjoy it by using them for their business. It is very fun, dynamic and opportune for people to be able to find a job well done and effective. I can help you by creating these different things:

-Creation of Promotional Videos

-Creation of Logos

- Creation of Thumbnails for your YouTube Channel

-Remove the Background to Images

-Create QR Codes

-Create Mockups

-Create resumes

-Transcribe YouTube videos

-Create Podcast

-Create Covers for your Books

-Create Animated Videos


  • EnglishBasic
  • EspañolConversational

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  • B.A.bien
    Mi Pequeño Paraíso, Dominican Republic, Pass in 2021
  • Certification